Quality, value and cost-efficient outputs to our clients and partners

Extra Value Added for your Projects

Our Digital Competence Center deliver solution implementation services that aim to provide quality, value and cost-efficient outputs to our clients and partners, leveraging on wide experience throughout the implementation of over 200 projects based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, across multiple industries. We rely on multi-disciplinary software developers leveraging time-efficient processes, tools and techniques to bring the highest level of quality to our growing range of services. 
Our focus is to provide additional value to support our customers on successfully deploying and maintain projects. Our team members are enablers of creative and critical thinking, with high level of commitment on the knowledge and know-how they provide on project implementations.

Long Term Commitment Projects Teams


◎ Best project options
◎ Complete package
◎ Business market analysations

Custom Software Development

◎ Customs apps
◎ Best options
◎ Flexibility

Dedicated Development Centers

◎ Cost saving/benefits
◎ Short realease cycles
◎ Quality and support


◎ Price flexibility
◎ Understand and know-how
◎ Constant project monitorization

Maintenance and Support

◎ Trust
◎ Quality product and service
◎ Customer retain

Demo Prototypes

◎ Fewer erros
◎ Better definition to client needs
◎ More opportunity for changes

Our experience in different areas
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Loyalty card program management for the largest Portuguese retail company, with more than 4.5 million members and implementation of the biggest corporate intranet for a universe of 40k users.
Member (+ two hundred thousand) and supporters (+ 6 million worldwide) management solution for the biggest Portuguese football team.
Sales and Marketing solutions both for the largest Portuguese company in chemical manufacturing and the largest printing and editing business.
Member management solution for standards association as well as code management for more than 15 million different codes. Design and development of an intranet for a standards association with CRM integrations.
Citizen single point of contact solution for major Portuguese municipality, with over 1 million inhabitants. We also implemented important projects in the Social WelfareMinistry.
Sales, Customer Service and Marketing management solutions for three of the biggest car and machine importers and dealers. Design and setup of the Development and Quality environments for three of the biggest car and machine importers and dealers
Loyalty card program for the largest Portuguese hotel chain, with over 100 hotels worldwide
Financial Services
CRM roadmap and evolution support for one of the top 10 Portuguese banks, with over 2.500 users.
Service Management
Implementation of a customized document management solution for one of the leading international shopping center specialist.
Development of a portal for the management of training activities.
icon_ Created with Sketch.
Migration of users between domains for an organization operating in multiple geographies.

ERT Recognition

Bizdirect was recognized by the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) as one of the driving forces in Europe for training initiatives and digital skills that support the process of transforming organizations in the Digital Age.

Check the ERT publication here:

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