Competence Center

Partnering with our Clients
We provide consulting, development and project integration services.
About us

Bizdirect Competence Center, in Viseu, results of a strong bet in a growth strategy of new projects in the solutions area, contributing actively to the education, requalification and retention of the national talent, in line with the technological and digital evolution that the market enforce. 

Nowadays, through our competence center, we provide services in consulting, projects development and integration, not only for the national market but also for the international, with technology produced by our teams from Portugal. 

Our position and expertise in many technologies and program languages allowed us to be recognized in the today’s market, as an important partner to guarantee the project’s success of our clients, in their business areas.

A company proud in what it does.

+13 years working with Microsoft technologies like Dynamics 365 and SharePoint.
+60 Certified and Specialized consultants.
+180 International and National projects.
Know-how in different bussiness areas.
Support Center for Microsoft Dynamics 365 EMEA.

What we offer?

We provide consulting, development and project integration services. Our services are shaped to our clients’ needs and built based on a deep understanding of business and market trends, along with the technology expertise and software industry best practices.

Specialized in what?

Our competence center is specialized in Microsoft Technologies. We also have competencies in Salesforce and Outsystems. We have know-know in many program languages and platforms to support our client’s projects in all levels in Portugal and Europe.

How we work?
  • We work for partners
  • We deliver final projects or project components
  • We work as a project factory that entails development and delivery
  • We provide our work on time and on budget
  • We work with certified translators to help us with foreign languages
We build talent.
We bet on their training.
Bizdirect has created a training program to ensure fast and efficient deliveries
  • Technology concepts
  • Development methodologies
  • Quality process concepts
  • Technology in depth
  • Development methodologies
  • Quality process implementation
  • Project involvement
  • Autonomy
  • Knowledge sharing sessions
  • Quality process management
  • Project participation
We’re fast growing, highly skilled and specialized with +60 IT Professionals


With Bachelor/Master degree


One or more Certifications


Two or more Languages Speakers

Want help?
We ensure that projects don´t depend on mere programmers, but rather on
specialized know-how that will be shared and documented in project delivery?

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