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Monday, 9 April 2018
Revenues of Bizdirect grow to 44,4M€ in 2017

Company of the SONAE IM universe had a really positive performance increasing the business volume, 16% above the previous year.

Lisbon, 9 April 2018 – Bizdirect, a technology company of the Sonae IM universe, is specialized on the sale of IT solutions in the consulting area, management of corporate contracts for licensing and integration of Microsoft solutions. The company announces revenues of 44,4 Million Euros in 2017. This result is an increase of 16% comparing the previous year and 10% facing the targets.  In terms of operational results, Bizdirect stayed 53% higher than last year, reflecting the growth of revenue and the positive evolution of the margin in the various business areas.

Internationally, the year of 2017 represented for Bizdirect 3,4 Million euros, close than 8% of the technological total revenue.

According the CFO of Bizdirect, Sapna Govindji: “2017 was a year with an excellence performance of our different business areas, both in revenues and in margin. The economic recovery of the national panorama has been contributing to drive the investment of the companies in the Portuguese market and this effect, combined with the reinforcement of the team and with the repositioning of the purposes of the business areas, led to a positive development overall in all areas. In Cloud’s business unit, Bizdirect grew more than 17% comparatively with the previous year, focused on the convergence of hardware and software products for Cloud products and services.”

In 2017, the Bizdirect Competence Center reinforced the current team with new skills, investing on the education and implementation of academies, in order to respond the needs of the Portuguese and European market, where the company is settled. In this same year, the company acquired new international clients preserving the already installed base of clients, bringing the total number of clients to 32 clients, coming from more than 15 different countries.

About the present year of 2018 the CEO of Bizdirect, João Mira Santiago highlights: "Our goal is to extract a greater value of one of our assets with more potential, the Competence Center in Viseu, continuing parallel to extend specific skills that can respond to the challenges of our customers and partners. In Portugal, the bet for this year is focused on the development of our Cloud offer and in the Solutions area with the reinforcement of the bet in consulting and processes component."

Bizdirect has supported many companies in their digital transformation project through the experience and knowledge of their teams in several areas, from the continuous process improvement, implementation of customer management solutions, increase sales force effectiveness (CRM), to Cloud solutions, where the know-how of hardware and software products contributes to join the customers in their process of transformation and technological evolution.


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