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Tuesday, 24 April 2018
PRIO optimizes your business processes with Dynamics 365 + ClickDimensions

PRIO produces biofuels, distributes and commercializes liquid fuels and already has more than 250 fuel stations, from north to south of Portugal.

The growth and consolidation of PRIO in the market implies a continuous concern with the efficiency of operations in the various areas of business to ensure a better relationship with its customers, focusing on the excellence in service.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 in an online model (cloud), with focus on sales and marketing, through integration with the ClickDimensions Marketing Automation platform.

To support this initiative, PRIO in collaboration with Bizdirect's solution team, decided to move forward with the implementation of a customer relationship management technology solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365. The collaboration goes through first fase to a detailed analysis of the requirements in a process focused on the process and the user.

Adding customer information, automating and digitizing some phases of business processes and improving the collaboration and communication of the internal teams, are other challenges that this project responds.

The project, in addition to a strong component of the Sales module of Dynamics 365, also includes a major focus on Marketing activities with the introduction of ClickDimensions Marketing Automation solution, reinforcing the direct communication component with the client, to marketing campaigns, customer’s segmentation, sending of newsletters, creation of landing pages, among others. At the same time, we intend to obtain in analytically way, the core indicators for the business units.

"At PRIO, we are focused in a strategy focused on the client, where all our business units play a leading role in achieving this mission, and for us it is essential that our processes are increasingly optimized and then we can make effective decisions based on concrete business insights. In order to support this strategy, we believe that this was the right moment to reinforce our operations with the introduction of a CRM solution, that allows us to obtain and consolidate all the information related to the business and to help us add value to our operations."

Tiago Cachim - Director of Information Systems PRIO

"The ClickDimensions' Marketing Automation tool will allow us to have a greater analytical and monitoring of all the marketing actions that we developed, they will be integrated with our CRM platform, offering a holistic view of all the interactions per customer."

Miguel Moreira, Head of Digital at PRIO



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