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Monday, 5 March 2018
Manusystems implements the CRM solution to optimize the management of its sales

Manusystems, leader company on environmental technologies and in expansion at international markets, counts with more than 15 years of experience and solidity in strategies areas like public work and manufacturing, trusted in the solutions team off biz direct to implement a technological solution of commercial efficacy with the goal of improve their internal processes of management of her sales force, to support  business and the optimization of management sales force, in a national and international level.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online.

Coming across with the Manusystems needs and their intended goals to this project, the choice fell on the CRM plataform of Microsoft, the Dynamics 365 online.  This is a plataform that stands out for flexibility, for her easy use and for her high capacity of centralization, what turns possible to provide a faster information and to integrate her with the actual knowns systems of Manysystems.

The implementation of the CRM solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365, will bring a lack of benefits to empower the sales force of Manusystems. The main advantages are:

_Greater versatility, flexibility and ability to keep up with the evolution of business requirements;
_Greater knowledge and agility in the preparation of proposals as well as in internal processes and handling of customer requests;
_Streamline internal processes to respond to customer requests to improve quality in customer interactions;
_Encourage the collaboration and communication between teams with a direct impact on the relationship with their clients;
_Increase the effectiveness of commercial actions.

“Facing the growing of our activity, we consider that was the opportune moment to think about our business processes with the finality of being efficient in the interactions that we built with our clients, with the purpose of keeping our growing levels and our quality service. We consider that this project had to start with the commercial area, the extreme importance that the commercial process represents for business. The dynamics 365 will allow us to structure the information of our clients way better and to have a vision of all the processes associated an each client.  All the teams work will have access to the platform and in the commercial process, which will help us having a better knowledge in our internal processes and in the treatment of our clients requests.”

 Arnaldo Santos, Diretor at Manusystems



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