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Wednesday, 2 May 2018
INOVA+ implements strategy of digital transformation with Dynamics 365

Inova+ takes another step in the strategy of integrating solutions, based on the Platform Office365 with a startup implementation of CRM Dynamics 365.
INOVA+­ is a consultant specialized on the effort growth of organizations through innovation, digital transformation and access to financials. Based on three key areas of acting, CONSULTING, INTERNATIONAL and DIGITAL, the company is leading projects of I&DT and innovation support as well as European financial projects in various domains and for different types of organizations: entrepreneurial (big companies and PMEs), Scientifics and public institutions.

With a strong international presence and offices in four countries, Portugal (Matosinhos and Lisbon), Belgium, Germany and Poland, the company has more than 80 and a VN with more than 5 Million Euros.

INOVA+ adopted the platform Office365 in 2016 and since then, recognize the potential and the advantages of this solution. The company is focused on provide excellent services and in the proximity monitoring to its clients. In order to support that, INOVA+ decides to take another step in the integration of solutions based on the platform Office355 with the implementation of a new CRM – Dynamics365, based on the conviction that this solution will give a greater flexibility in costumer’s management and will contribute on the efficiency for the team of project managers and consultants.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform (Online)

INOVA+ finds in the CRM solution, the Dynamics 365 (available in cloud) the comfort to this change, since it is a complete, flexible and exemplary solution in the costumer management relationship, allowing to build a unique data base of clients and associated processes, obtaining a general view of the same and visualizing all the interactions made with each one.

The facility of customization and integration with the OFFICE 365 and with other existing platforms in the organization, like the ERP system, and the fact of being a tool that presents a constants evolution in level of technological and functional roadmap, were the main reasons to INOVA+ choose this solution, insofar as the company intends to evolve this project to other areas in the future. 

The Dynamics 365 platform will be use daily by more than 70 employees of several areas of business: Commercial, Financial, Projects management and Consulting and it will provide to INOVA+ to achieve the following goals:

_Make more efficient the management of the relationship with costumers, by managing information with a greater detail;
_Optimize and Standardize the internal work processes, the information flows (in order to streamline the response), centralize the information and minimize errors of execution of tasks;
_Ensure a fast access and an effective control over all the processes;
_Increase the level of collaboration between the severals intervenients in the concerned processes;
_Ensure the systematic access to monitoring information and the decision support

“For INOVA+, the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a really important step and was defined in line with the challenges and the growth strategy of the company. The integration with Office 365, already being use in the company and the ability for evolve and expand, gives us confidence that Microsoft Dynamics 365 will give a greater flexibility in managing our clients and projects and that will be an easy to use tool for the team of project managers and consultants. The implementation of Dynamics 365 will allow us to add more value to our processes, improve our strategic vision in our relationship with customers and partners, as well, enhance the excellence of our services.”

Nuno Soares, Business Development Officer at INOVA+

“For Bizdirect, the implementation of a project on the Dynamics 365 in INOVA+ is a very important challenge, since it’s a company that is very focused on innovation and used to thinking “out of the box”. I am sure that our Knowledge of the platform was essential in order to demonstrate to INOVA+ the impact that this solution will have in terms of modern relationship with the client, increased the commercial efficiency and the promotion of internal collaboration. The ultimate goal is clearly the to increase the processes efficiency and the team productivity.”

“The fact that Dynamics 365 offers a set of features and a facility way to bring all the information of clients to the users who are in touch with them daily, were the essential keys to this modern strategy. For bizdirect is extremely rewarding to contribute and lead transformational projects in this area in very agile organizations with a disruptive mindset with INOVA+.”

Eduardo Oliveira, Consulting Director at Bizdirect




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