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Thursday, 22 February 2018
Bizdirect implements a system in customer relationship and customer loyalty management (CRM) at Alves Bandeira

Alves Bandeira, a company of the Alves Bandeira Group with activity in the national and international market, is specialized in the resale and distribution of fuels. Supported by a growing network of filling stations, it has more than 150 service stations, from the North to the South of Portugal.

Alves Bandeira, aware of the need to provide an increasingly personalized and excellent service to its customer network, began the year focusing on the area of relationship management with its client. In this case, the creation of a relationship and loyalty management program (CRM)  will allow their customers to continue to enjoy an excellent service, but now reinforced with more personalized benefits and with added value in the products and services transacted in the stations service that make this network. The program will cover the community corporate and individual clients of Alves Bandeira, at a national level.

In order to support this project of continuous improvement of their service, Alves Bandeira, based on a strategy of proximity to their customers, was looking for a flexible and robust technology solution that would allow from a single point, to centralize and follow closely all interactions of each client. They also intended to perceive and anticipate their needs, promoting their loyalty and contributing to delineate actions to raise new members for the brand.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

Given the needs of the Alves Bandeira Group and the clear goals intended for this project, the Bizdirect team contributed their experience in similar projects in choosing the Microsoft CRM platform, Dynamics 365. This solution will be the basis of the loyalty program and customer relationship management, allowing the operation of the strategy outlined by the Group.

The fact that the plataform is flexible, easy-to-use and with high centralization capacity makes it possible to make the information available and integrate with the current systems in Alves Bandeira. This was one of the great goals that also contributed to making the Dynamics 365 the right choice.

National project, involving more than 500 direct employees in their day-to-day;
Project with the ambition of loyalty to 1 million customers (cards).

With the implementation of the loyalty program, Alves Bandeira will have a set of new insights, gaining a greater perception of the business and a set of real-time information about each of their clients. These changes will allow us to continue to improve and innovate in the provision of the service that their wide network of stations daily provides. With Dynamics 365 implemented by Bizdirect at Alves Bandeira, it will be possible to obtain:

_A holistic point of view of the customer network and their associated processes;
_Greater versatility, flexibility and ability to continuous follow the business;
_Higher quality interactions with their customers;
_Greater knowledge of the client and their behavior;
_Increased marketing campaigns more effectively, with better segmentations and personalized according to the needs of each client;
_Improvement in the quality of the service provided and greater agility in the treatment of requests or solicitations;
_Optimization and standardization of internal processes;
_Construction and maintenance of loyalty programs, such as the recruitment of new members;
_Improved customer experience and regular contacts.

"At Alves Bandeira we guide by a strategy of acting with proximity and continuous improvement with our clients through a excellence and personalized service in order to meet their expectations and real needs. We believe that with this reinforcement of the loyalty project, we will have the opportunity to access and analyze a set of relevant information of our customers, that will allow us to continue to improve their experience with the brand, through a better knowledge of each one's preferences, their consumer behaviors and also to know how they interact with our services and network. We want to continue to surprise our customer, but now in a way even more shocking. This information will also be relevant in order to support all the decisions made, such as increasing and adjusting our actions in a segmented and personalized way according to each client. We are certain that this project will add value to our actual customers, but also will attract and retain new consumers who haven’t had contact with our brand. In this context, and faced with this challenge, the CRM platform, Dynamics 365, and for Bizdirect's experience in implementing this type of project seemed to be the right solution. The Dynamics 365 platform will be our daily tool for monitoring the impact of the results of this program and it will support us in making our business decisions."

Pedro Mascarenhas, Marketing director at Alves Bandeira

"For Bizdirect, the implementation of the CRM platform based on Dynamics 365 at Alves Bandeira, is a huge challenge that leads us to rethink how we can contribute to the success of another great loyalty program on a national level. Loyalty programs are a market trend that we are secured to work very well to improve customer awareness on the part of companies and increase share of customer wallet. Knowing the business and also the needs of each customer, such as control technology, were decisive in supporting the choice of the Customer Relationship Management platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365, as a facilitator of the loyalty program and in that way satisfy the needs of Alves Bandeira. "

Eduardo Oliveira, Consulting Director at Bizdirect



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