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Wednesday, 11 May 2016
Bizdirect establishes an international partnership to diversify its portfolio in Dynamics CRM

Lisbon – May 11, 2016 – Bizdirect has just closed an international deal with, RealDolmen, a Belgian ICT Company, Gold Microsoft Partner and specialist in Dynamics CRM. With this agreement, the company strengthens and expands its international reach via the collaboration with a top Microsoft Partner focused on CRM solutions for the financial, banking, telecom, and service industries, among others.

This partnership shows Bizdirect’s clear investment in broadening its portfolio of solutions into new business fields, adding the contribution of an international partner respected in the CRM business to its already vast experience and know-how, responding to the increasing trend in which organizations are becoming customer-centric and data consumers.

For João Mira Santiago, CEO of Bizdirect, “The incorporation of RealDolmen’s CRM solutions into our business offer will allow Bizdirect to enrich its portfolio of competences in Dynamics CRM. We believe that we have taken yet another strategic step to strengthen our offer, which allows us to address new opportunities to implement projects with Dynamics CRM in organizations where a 360º outlook for clients is vital.”

With the RealDolmen’s solutions, Bizdirect offers its customers, improvements in the treatment and visualization of information, reducing the time needed to acquire, interpret and make decisions, based on the information displayed. In addition, it allows for clear gains in terms of productivity and improvements in actions taken with and for clients.

For Wim Geukens, CRM Division Manager of RealDolmen, “We’re happy to welcome Bizdirect in our partner network, since we rely on the expertise of local partners to implement our solutions around the world. Many customers using Microsoft Dynamics CRM want to have a 360° view of their customers without too many clicks and see all the information at one glance on one single screen. In addition, the sales staff want to prepare their visits efficiently and report quickly in a structured way, in order to optimize their effort. All our customers worldwide achieve this by configuring our add-ons to their needs on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which increases user adoption.”


About Realdolmen
RealDolmen is an independent single source ICT solutions provider and knowledge company with more than 1,300 highly skilled IT professionals. The company offers innovative, effective and reliable ICT solutions and professional services designed to help its clients achieve their objectives by optimizing their business processes. Their CRM solutions built on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM include vertical solutions designed to accelerate implementations in specific industries as well as components like CRM Single View Builder and Sales Journey Assistant, that can be added to any Dynamics CRM implementation. For more information visit:


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