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Monday, 14 November 2016
A Telerik® Framework: How to Enhance and Increase Dynamics CRM Usability and Save Time
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Delivering reliable projects in real-time, in a constantly changing landscape, is a market demand.

Recently, one of our Nearshore Partners asked us to address some specific requirements that would take a lot of time to develop, and as follows, cost a lot, too. Part of our team “DNA” is to be proactive about suggesting alternative ways to rapidly answer customer needs. Because of our deep expertise in different, but related technologies and frameworks, we came up with a new way to solve a problem – that ultimately saves both time and money.

The challenge was to show information inside Dynamics CRM in a grid format, requiring the display of thousands of rows and hundreds of columns, dynamically. Additionally, it was necessary to use complex controls, like autofill, and, drop-down with multiple selections, to present this information.

We suggested using the Telerik® framework – or more precisely, the WEB: UI for ASP.NET MVC component as a multi-benefit solution. In addition to solving the information display problem, it also reduced time spent in code development. This reduction in time also reduced the end cost to the Partner.

Our Partner agreed this three-fold benefit was certainly the right choice. The alternative, developing a custom grid, would have meant extra effort and excessive cost. This platform, along with our Dynamics CRM expertise, gave our Partner a solution that met all their needs – and some extra benefits, too.

The Telerik® framework is a proven solution based on many years of development and use, and provides a wide range of controls suitable for many purposes. Some examples for projects:

  • Datepicker – Is a user-friendly way to allow selection of a range of data,

  • Autofill – Uses Ajax to load data asynchronously as soon as the user starts to type,

  • Masked Text Box – Is easy to format and confirms text entered in a text box.

Some additional, more complex controls, are:

  • Schedule – An agenda/calendar similar to that in Outlook or Google Calendar, with different option types and ways to visualize events,

  • HTML Editor – Allows content-creation using text, image, and/or videos which can be stored in any external location like Azure, or any other cloud-based service,

  • Grid – Loads thousands of records rapidly, without loss of performance, because of the usage of features like paging and data virtualization.

The Telerik® framework supports native HTML5 with all controls as responsive. This means the controls will adjust automatically to any device, such as desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. All functionalities can be extended easily using an additional, powerful client-side API. This can be done without any impact on performance, and always offers the best user experience.

The Telerik® framework can be used for many different purposes, adding value to your Dynamics CRM Platform, your delivery process and your company finances.  Learn more about how to use this framework effectively.


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