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Thursday, 22 September 2016
Start on Dynamics CRM Online
article written by bizdirect
It is clear that online platforms are being increasingly adopted and are the future framework for any organization, whether small, medium or large. Indeed, any type of application or database may be replicated in an online platform. These may include documents, emails or customer data, for example.

Following the trends for productivity platforms that are commonly used in the online environment, such as Microsoft Exchange Online (where users' mailboxes are managed), SharePoint Online (where the corporate intranet is organized), or Office Online integrated into Office 365 (for document editing), also the Dynamics CRM (business application) makes sense to be integrated into an online platform. Office 365 works as an aggregator of some of these platforms and supports communication between them, not needing complex integrations.

One of the advantages of the online platforms is the possibility of extension and aggregation of new features created by Microsoft, and it is precisely at this point that Dynamics CRM Online has some prominence.

You can find below a list of some of the Microsoft applications with which Dynamics CRM Online interconnects natively:

  • Social Engagement – Data integration from social networks and their respective sentiment analysis;

  • Dynamics Marketing – Define and implement marketing campaigns via email and obtain delivery indicators;

  • Parature  Advanced module for client service management, including portals and chat;

  • Excel Online  Integrated Export and possibility to edit data while the user is working in Excel;

  • Power BI Online – Integration and analysis of Dynamics CRM data and business indicators creation;

  • SharePoint Online  Collaboration and integrated document management;

  • OneDrive – Document Archive, notes and information sharing;

  • OneNote – Creating and sharing notes integrated in Dynamics CRM;

  • Mobile Application  Access to Dynamics CRM from mobile platforms (tablets or smartphones).

Besides native functionalities of Dynamics CRM Online, its use in the cloud environment simplifies the interconnection with new applications, which are added regularly in repositories, as already happens for mobile devices.

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