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Friday, 2 September 2016
What you are missing by not using SharePoint Online
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Imagine that you would like to get an intranet. Perhaps you already have one. But it might not have as many functionalities as you would like, or perhaps it’s not customized for your needs. You might have a vast number of users and so it’s becoming more and more difficult to manage what each sees or has access to. Wouldn’t it be great if you could automate tasks and could have some extra time for other things?

But we have good news for you. If you have a vision for your intranet, you can make it real if you use SharePoint Online!

Here are some of the things you could be missing out on by not using SharePoint Online:

  • You can access your intranet anywhere, on any device

  • You can create subsites for each of your areas or departments and manage what each user or user group sees or edits;

  • You can create lists and store a variety of information on them;

  • You can store versioned documents making sure that users will always see the latest version, older versions will be available;

  • Multiple users can work at same time in the same document, ensuring concurrency and data synchronization;

  • You can set alerts on lists that notify you whenever something important is changed;

  • Your employees can share knowledge through the use of a Knowledge Base;

  • Do you have accounts on social networks? You can use them inside your intranet;

  • You can synchronize events from your SharePoint Calendars with your Outlook calendar;

  • It’s possible to use Power BI data or Dynamics CRM data in your SharePoint Online;

  • You can install Add-ins that extend your intranet functionalities. A good example is the solutions developed by our team: CarPooling (for groups to offer and request ride shares) and Training Actions (an HR tool to manage employee training).

If you already have an intranet we can

  • Make the copy of content to your SharePoint Online;

  • Implement a new branding and add custom functionalities;

  • Help you to configure access and permissions, and governance policies.

In summary, using SharePoint Online can reduce time spent searching for information within the company, help individuals to work together in a more agile manner, avoid duplication of information, and allow people to work easily from anywhere. And as an important final benefit, SharePoint Online may help to reduce costs as part of business process simplification.

Is your organization making use of all these advantages?  


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