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Wednesday, 27 July 2016
A Microsoft Partner Ecosystem! Why and how?
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In the world of information technology, change is a constant and we all seek to adapt to its breakneck speed. What yesterday was true, today can be a huge mystery.

Retaining talent and enhancing the skills of your team are time-consuming and difficult processes for most organizations. We live in a bubble of mergers, acquisitions, and the steady acceleration of dynamic start-ups. We live in a more emotional than rational world. We make decisions quickly because everything requires speed. But whose fault is it?

I do not know! It’s a reality that humans have no time, preferring to make mistakes, then get up again rather than lose the opportunity to make mistakes.

Therefore, working in a knowledge ecosystem model is also an inescapable reality. If the economy is global, IT companies and their service providers have to be, also.

The speed of knowledge is “N” times more than the available capacity, so why shouldn’t we work as a network? Isn’t it better to share and make available the knowledge that, strategically, can produce the greatest overall results?

Talent is people, not organizations. In my opinion, ecosystems thrive through networking, and companies benefit from talent scarcity, so they accelerate their sales processes and project delivery without losing their distinct market identities.

Think, act and disseminate are process stages. These elements are, in our decade, the mark of innovation and good positioning for those who act fast. Those who capture the attention of customers and find in the ecosystem, the necessary compliments to accelerate their R&D processes and optimize their technology platforms, will be able to deliver the specific requirements of each industry and customer.

The Microsoft Partner Ecosystem is aware of this reality and will find collaborative networks to provide innovative solutions that meet the requirements of its customers.


How Bizdirect becomes a major player in the new Microsoft Partner Ecosystem?

  • We believed in a Competence Center, working in a nearshore model, providing specialized services for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Ecosystem;

  • We developed a training academy, where our teams work in a mentoring model and we adapt our relationship with each Business Partner.

Based on these pillars, we add our experience and our know-how to everything we do, always focused on innovation and always looking toward the constant technological challenges of Microsoft. We provide talent, speed, and commitment to the ever-changing ecosystem!

Learn more about how Bizdirect adds value to the ecosystem on a global scale.


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