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Friday, 11 November 2016
Did you know that it’s possible to improve the ability to view and edit data in Dynamics CRM?
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One of the things that I find most exciting about Dynamics CRM is the possibility to add WebResources to extend the platform and increase its capabilities to implement solutions that match the customer’s needs. In a succinct way, we can use other programming languages, such as HTML5, to interact with the platform and develop more advanced functionalities.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows the use of components such as web resources that are developed according to the customer needs and are imported to the platform, becoming part of the CRM solution itself. By doing so, these types of resources are available to Dynamics CRM for Outlook users and can be used in offline mode. This kind of resources can also be simply exported and installed in CRM Online or CRM On-Premises, without any restrictions. Because they are an integral part of the system, it is possible to invoke the CRM web services to interact with the data, such as: creates, retrieves, updates or deletes (CRUD) of records through ODATA queries, with no complexity or without any authentication, since permissions used are the same as during normal use of system.

With this, we can use the tools described above to create a solution that can consolidates the process of both viewing and editing data, extending the native capabilities of CRM grids. In this context, it is possible to implement grids in HTML5 that show records from related entities in a more functional and user friendly manner. This type of data presentation can add the ability to edit grids in-line (which is natively limited to a few grids), which provides the user a powerful tool to create and change records. With this solution, it is possible to design an interface that interactively and consequently provides greater productivity adding some functionalities such as:

● Flexible layout;
● Required fields check;
● Different types of data entry (Option set, input number, input text, input datetime);
● Read only fields check;
● Automatic calculations;
● Summaries and totals grouping;
● Data export to excel or even PDF.

These grids can take advantage of the native CRM CSS, offering the possibility to be rendered with a look and feel that completely resembles the native CRM one. Thus, the entire interface is standardized and the user does not feel any differences when using the system. With this solution one can update data in-line without the need to open another window or tab in the browser to access the desired information.

The grids are designed to help creating and managing information about related entities and we believe that using it as a flexible add-on for your business that will help rise your productivity and efficiency, regardless of the line of business.

We recently implemented a flexible grid control for different types of applications that can range from creating budgeting dossiers to test script tables. The experience Bizdirect has in Dynamics CRM and in the development of such components is great and we are available to suggest innovative solutions for this type of issues that often arise in terms of viewing and editing data. The goal is to always approach the platform to the end-user, making it friendlier.

Contact us to improve the ability to view and edit data in Dynamics CRM!

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