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Tuesday, 22 November 2016
Do You Hear What Your Customers are Saying?
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The evolution of Microsoft’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, now called Dynamics 365, is impressive.

In the last few months, new components such as Project Service Automation, Field Service and Voice of the Customer were added. This last one is, for me, one of the most interesting features, allowing the creation of surveys for customers. Actually, in Sales, Client Service or Marketing areas, it is generally standard practice to create customized customer satisfaction or service evaluation surveys.

The Voice of the Customer component has a very user-friendly interface, which allows organizations to create inquiries in the Dynamics 365 platform easily. A survey can support several questions, and each one can be related to a certain type of response format.  Thus, organizations can now integrate surveys and their related response data, more efficiently in their customer relationship tool. Companies can collect all customer-related information in a single platform and, for example, proactively create marketing campaigns for dissatisfied customers.

The survey configuration is quite simple, with no technical knowledge needed. Let’s walk-through the steps as if you were a Customer Service Representative, developing a survey to gauge customer satisfaction:

  • Add corporate identity information – Display the name, theme, logo, or related configuration: for instance, define actions according to the responses,

  • Choose the look and feel of the survey – Define a theme for the questionnaire, or set colors of the components. Additionally, the tool allows the addition of an image in the survey,

  • Define each question based on the response format desired – The component allows the survey designer to choose the response format from a wide set of options. After choosing the response format, the survey designer can craft the question and response options (for instance, in a multiple choice question).

The standard features of Voice of the Customer can be complemented with customizations. For example, to accelerate survey distribution, you can schedule the survey to automatically send on a specific day.

After all configurations are completed, the survey is ready to be published and sent to the identified customers in the CRM database. Dynamics 365 hosts the survey internally in Microsoft’s cloud. There’s no need to involve the IT department, or create pages on the corporate website.

The analytics are essential for monitoring results. Natively, the tool allows the Customer Service Representative to analyze the responses. The results can also be complemented and customized with additional features:

  • Customized data reports,

  • Results presentation in external portals,

  • Data integration in Business Intelligence systems, such as Microsoft Power BI.

Our team is following the evolution and the benefits of Dynamics 365 with great enthusiasm. We want to provide our customers with new solutions that permit CRM customization and integration of this tool with other systems and new components.

Learn more about what we’re learning and creating for Microsoft Partners.


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