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Wednesday, 29 March 2017
Cloud Resilience
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Cloud Resilience. Mobile, social, Internet of Things: all these technologies are shaping businesses, making them more productive, flexible and agile.

But as our confidence increases, with our 24/7 openness and availability, a chance of a disaster increases as well. The dependency of businesses on IT makes downtime and data loss much less acceptable.

According to the paper “IDC Predictions 2014: Battle for Dominance and Survival on the Third Platform" In-house teams are overburdened with ballooning volumes of data and have decreased tolerance and in 2014, they had to deal with terabytes of data to manage, which increases the risk of an occurrence.

Normally the number one reason for errors to occur are due to human influence and a traditional recovery from a tape backup can take 24–72 hours—time no business can afford to lose. Also, according to “The Risks of ‘Do It Yourself’ Disaster Recovery” a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of IBM, 59% of firms with an in-house solution were only somewhat successful in meeting recovery objectives during testing.

That’s why more and more organizations have realized that now is the time to jump on Cloud. Whether a small hiccup or a major disaster, cloud resilience can get you back toward normalcy in a short time, without the need to reassign in-house staff and disrupt revenue-generating activities.

According to a Gartner report called “Magic Quadrant Report on Enterprise Backup/Recovery Software" 40% of large enterprises (up from 20% at year-end 2012) had eliminated tape for operational recovery by the end of 2016. Also, Saugatuck Technology states in "Winning in a Boundary-free World, The Changing Shape of Today's Cloud ISV” that 75% or more of new enterprise IT spend will be Cloud-based or hybrid by 2017 and that the number 1 benefit driving investment in Cloud computing will be the business continuity.

Cloud resilience has come of age, and allows:
-Fast recovery
-Cost savings
-Regulatory compliance
-Increased automation
-Reduced data loss
-Improved reliability
According to "Under cloud cover", a report made by the IBM Center for Applied Insights, organizations with high Cloud adoption are reporting nearly 2x revenue growth 2,5x higher gross profit growth than peer companies that are more cautious about cloud computing, as they know that cloud can deliver improved reliability, cost savings, regulatory compliance, increased automation, and reduced data loss.

If you’re thinking about how to improve business continuity without capital outlays, you may have reached the tipping point.

Don’t wait for a disaster to improve business resilience. A Cloud resilience strategy can be your friend in fair weather too—increasing your competitive advantage and accruing business benefits.

Do you want your business to be up and running 24/7?

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