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Friday, 24 February 2017
Cloud and Business Mobility
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By 2020 millennials will account for about 50% of the workforce. As such, they will undoubtedly be an extremely influential base within the global workforce. This digitally native generation expects a different level of customer experience.

Today's customers do not care about how their infrastructure is configured, or whether their sales and service teams use different systems. What they expect is a mobile experience, customized according to their needs and proactive when it comes to solving problems in a flexible and connected way with the various company' points of contact.

The only thing that matters to them is a unique, cohesive and pain-free experience that becomes relevant to their needs and when customers interact with a business from anywhere, at any time, they feel mobility. When that does not happen, the experience becomes frustrating, disconnected, and they quickly choose one of the competitors due to the poor sales and service experience.

The speed of their decision-making makes it essential for companies to work smarter and faster. However, many fail as they are still stuck on on-premise solutions that have not been built to react in a flexible, agile and connected way.

The emergence of the Internet of Things is only accelerating this trend. Imagine that your bathroom detects that you are running out of shampoo and retransmits a message to your phone suggesting a purchase of that product in your supermarket, all before finishing shower. This is the kind of speed and connection possible - and it is up for companies to adapt and use technological advancements as an advantage, at the risk of seeing their business and legacy left behind.

Current and future customers will be savvy shoppers who will always opt for companies that offer this kind of experience. Cloud solutions connect all companies' business functions and provide a complete view of each customer. As they are built to promote speed, innovation, connectivity and deliver experiences that drive success and loyalty, companies will be able to better understand customers, provide seamless interactions on any channel and connect and extract all this data to turn results into action.

If at the end of this article you have doubts about:
-Why mobility can be important to your business;
-As Cloud increases your ability to work anywhere
-How technology can influence work practices and customer expectations

Or if you're ready to jump to the Cloud, feel free to:


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